the biggest shark Secrets

I not too long ago noticed a doco a few 3m shark that were tagged..In the event the tag was recovered it showed that it had travelled more than 4000 km up and down the WA Coastline, It headed out into deep water and at 700m its physique temp out of the blue rose to 26 levels and stayed at that temp...It absolutely was discovered washed up on a WA Seaside...Anything experienced eaten the gigantic shark, but what ? Immediately after many years of looking it was identified that Yet another shark had eaten it... In conclusion...Right after deploying an beneath drinking water camera gadget they not just got footage of much more three-four m giants feeding on gigantic deep sea squid (the biggest ever recorded) in the depths arrived a male which was 6m and weighed approx three tons.

Wow, thank you for putting up All of this details about megalodon. I had been asking yourself what this title to the shark intended, I like the way you explained that it means "massive tooth" in Greek. This is smart why It is phone "significant tooth" since all We now have remaining of the species are their fossil tooth.

Now That may be a scary believed! Any concept where this took place, and was it documented? Vic Hyslop thinks you will discover much bigger sharks from the ocean - this could verify him correct!

I don't think I've ever advocated or encouraged the indiscriminate searching down of fantastic white sharks. I discussed Vic Hyslop within the posting mainly because he caught on the list of biggest wonderful white sharks ever, and since adore him or loathe him, his belief deserves being read. Human existence must arrive higher than These of any animal or fish, absolutely, and when what he is declaring is true, then sharks have killed a good deal more and more people than we realise.

The supersized shark initially appeared about seventeen million a long time ago. It could be found in oceans everywhere in the earth. Other sea animals have been probably terrified of it, and not just because of its sizing.

I don't generally respond to responses nowadays, but I can not help considering you will be suitable. Although we don't need to see the eradication of a species, when they destroy us, we must always (most likely) eliminate them.

OMG!! How awful! I begin to see the movie crew are receiving the blame for feeding chum on the sharks, however it is off Cape city that numerous shark diving companies also chum the sharks so who is to blame? Perhaps it's insane to surf or bodyboard in shark-infested waters in the first place.

Shark nets, place in place to safeguard beaches, become rapid-foods snack bars for nice whites, who take in the dolphins and stingrays trapped from the nets. According to Hislop although eating their prey, the sharks Chunk through the nets and afterwards simply just swim by way of to get to the shore.

I imagine that We have now mistaken All those substantial "good whites" as mabye a completely new species of shark that could be comparable to the megladon. My powerful exploration,experimenting, and prof.

To that Mark fella, you have a ideal to "Enjoy" like a jackass in the ocean, and any shark that sees in good shape, has a correct to attack you. You're a idiot for wondering in any other case. The shark isn't in your factor, you're in theirs. A Megalodon desires the correct food stuff source to outlive, and if any individual does their analysis, they'll learn that the meals source, i.e., substantial whales etcetera.

Whether or not megalodon is not extinct and There exists a person left while in the ocean, They are really a special species from wonderful white sharks so they can not develop offspring together. Preserve Pondering with us, Marvel Friend! :)

Wonderopolis Dec fourteen, 2016 That's incredibly genuine, Carson! Sharks are apex predators, which means the biggest shark They are at the very best in the food chain. They help keep other populations of fish at usual ranges, which consequently aids the ecosystem!

What type of gigantic beast was able to consider down a 6-ton whale so very easily? Megalodon—the biggest shark that ever lived.

In addition, I respect Hislop and any one else who hunts sharks for the many attacks they've stopped by removing excessive sharks with the oceans. I'm sure it won't acquire That lots of apex predators to rid the oceans of pest species and clean up whale carcasses. You should not eliminate 'em all, but destroy a bunch.

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